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    Eazy Bath™ - Folding Baby Bath Tub


    "The folded bathtub unfolds and snaps together super easy. Love that it has a thermometer but I still would check the old fashion way to be sure . Love that it can be stored easily , hung out of the way . Kneeling pad is a plus . Easy to drain."

    ⭐ - Ann
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    Bathing a newborn is a delicate task, requiring the utmost care and attention. The struggle of maintaining the right water temperature and ensuring little ones don’t slip can be daunting and takes away attention from more important things like making bath time a daily bonding moment. This constant worry can leave a deep feeling of anxiety and stress..

    Introducing Eazy Bath™, a game-changer in infant bathing solutions that ensures baby bath time is seamless and fun. With real-time temperature sensing and non-slip cushion, it ensures that little ones are safe and have comfortable bathing experience.. Enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable bath time, worry-free and full of precious moments.



    Eazy Bath™ comes equipped with a real-time temperature sensing feature. This ensures the bath water is always at a comfortable temperature, providing a safe and soothing environment.

    NON-SLIP CUSHION: With its non-slip cushion, Eazy Bath™ provides a secure and stable bathing space. This feature enhances the joy of bath time with added safety against slips and slides.

    PORTABLE DESIGN: Eazy Bath™ boasts a portable design, making it easy to store and transport. This flexibility and convenience allows for easy setup wherever it’s needed.

    ADJUSTABLE BATH BED: With its adjustable bath bed, Eazy Bath™ can be tailored to suit the comfort of little ones. The result is a snug and secure fit which enhances the bathing experience.

    SOFT PADDED INFANT BATHTUB SUPPORT: A soft padded infant bathtub support is included in Eazy Bath™. This provides additional comfort and eliminates hard corners, making bath time more enjoyable than before.


    1. Unfold Eazy Bath™ and place it on a flat, stable surface.

    2. Adjust the bath bed of Eazy Bath™ to suit the comfort of the baby.

    3. Fill Eazy Bath™ with warm water, ensuring the real-time temperature sensing feature indicates a comfortable temperature.

    4. Place the baby gently on the non-slip cushion of Eazy Bath™.

    5. During bath time, keep a close eye on the real-time temperature sensing feature of Eazy Bath™ to ensure the water remains at a comfortable temperature.

    6. Once bath time is over, carefully lift the baby out of Eazy Bath™ and enjoy the rest of the day with your little bundle of joy

    We understand how challenging it can be to bathe a newborn, ensuring their safety and comfort while trying to keep them calm and happy. It can be frustrating when it’s bath time, the baby is restless, and there’s a constant worry about the water temperature and the slippery surface. In fact, a recent survey revealed that over 70% of new parents express anxiety over their baby’s bath time.

    Eazy Bath™ is the ideal solution for these bath time challenges. It provides a safe, comfortable, and stress-free bathing experience with its real-time temperature sensing and non-slip cushion. Enjoy a world where bath time is always a moment of joy and memorable bonding with little ones because these are fleeting years that should always be cherished.


    • Type: Folding Baby Bath Tub
    • Features: Portable, with real-time temperature sensing and non-slip cushion
    • Suitable For: Newborns and infants (0-12 months)
    • Material: The cushion is made of a combination of cotton, spandex, and PP cotton, providing soft filling with great buoyancy. The material is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying
    • Design: The product has an adjustable bath bed and includes a soft padded infant bathtub support. It also features a foldable and compact design for easy storage and travel use.
    • Additional Features: The product comes with a sturdy hanger for convenient drip dry storage
    • Usage: Can be used in sinks and baby bath tubs.




    1 x Foldable baby bath tub
    1 x Baby mat cushion pad

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