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    PortaLamp™ - Rechargeable Portable Tent Lanterns


    "They are super cute and small but powerful and bright. I have nine of these. Started with two and now this all we have around camping They are very light and powerful, the battery last for ages and the magnetic bottom helps holding camping table cloth when windy or attaching on stove, car, etc.... . The several brightness levels. and the two tones in between bright white and warm yellow are awesome and I can't recommend enough."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rodrigo de Faria
    Verified Buyer

    Camping trips and outdoor adventures are often the highlight of the year, offering a chance to connect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, the lack of reliable lighting can turn these joyful experiences into frustrating ordeals, especially when the sun sets and darkness takes over. This can lead to feelings of insecurity and discomfort, turning what should be a relaxing retreat into a stressful situation.

    Introducing PortaLamp™, a game-changer in outdoor lighting that ensures no camping trip or outdoor adventure is left in the dark. With its solar-powered, rechargeable design, this portable lantern provides reliable, energy-saving illumination that lasts up to 300 hours. Enjoy a safer, more comfortable outdoor experience, allowing for cherished moments under the stars without the worry of being plunged into darkness.


    SOLAR-POWERED: PortaLamp™ harnesses the power of the sun to provide illumination. This eco-friendly feature ensures a sustainable and reliable source of light, enhancing the outdoor experience while being kind to the environment.

    RECHARGEABLE: The ability to recharge PortaLamp™ ensures it’s always ready for use. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that a dependable source of light is always within reach.

    LONG-LASTING ILLUMINATION: With up to 300 hours of light from a single charge, PortaLamp™ outshines the competition. This extended illumination time means less worry about running out of light and more time enjoying the great outdoors.

    PORTABLE DESIGN: The compact and lightweight design of PortaLamp™ makes it an ideal companion for any outdoor adventure. Its portability enhances mobility, making it easier to move around and explore without being weighed down by bulky equipment.


    WATER-RESISTANT: PortaLamp™ is water-resistant, designed to withstand the elements. This feature ensures that even in wet conditions, the lamp continues to provide reliable illumination, contributing to a worry-free outdoor experience.


    1. Place PortaLamp™ in a location where it can receive ample sunlight during the day.

    2. Allow PortaLamp™ to charge under the sun. The solar-powered feature will automatically recharge the lamp.

    3. Adjust the brightness of PortaLamp™ as needed to suit the lighting conditions.

    4. Enjoy the brightness that PortaLamp™ brings you! 

    We understand the struggle of trying to enjoy a peaceful night under the stars, only to be left fumbling in the dark when the sun sets. It can be incredibly frustrating trying to navigate a campsite or read a book with only the faint glow of a dying fire for light. In fact, studies show that inadequate lighting is one of the top complaints among outdoor enthusiasts.

    With PortaLamp™, the perfect solution to this common problem is at hand. This solar-powered, rechargeable lantern provides reliable, long-lasting illumination for all outdoor activities. Enjoy peace of mind and freedom to savor the great outdoors, knowing that a dependable source of light is always within reach.


    Material: ABS
    Rated Power: 60W/800W
    Battery Capacity: 1500/3000mAH
    Transform Modes: High Light / Low Light / SOS Light

    Package Inclusions:

    1* LED Outdoor Camping Light
    1* USB charging data cable
    1* Instruction manual

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