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    Purrfect Paws™ - Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

    "Absolutely love this litter robot! Don’t even hesitate. Few things I wanted folks to know: 1) how to attach the bags- so you basically just pull the top side string taught and secure it so that the litter falls into the bag as it rotates. 2) To add the litter you must scoop it through the front opening, and 3) you don’t need to use the app if you don’t want to. It really works great!"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Laura Fitzpatrick
    Verified Buyer


    Cats big and small are cherished companions, their well-being a top priority. Yet, maintaining a clean and odor-free environment can be a constant struggle, especially with traditional litter boxes. This struggle often leaves a deep feeling of frustration, annoyance and overwhelm, detracting from joys derived from pet ownership.

    Introducing Purrfect Paws™, a smart solution for a cleaner, fresher home. This automatic litter box, equipped with a sensitive infrared sensor and gravity sensor, ensures a clean environment by isolating odor and sterilizing up to 99.8% of bacteria. Enjoy a hassle-free, fresh and clean home environment, enhancing the joy of pet ownership.




    ✅ Smart Cleaning:
    Purrfect Paws™ is an automatic litter box that self-cleans, ensuring a fresh environment. This feature eliminates the constant struggle of maintaining cleanliness, enhancing the home atmosphere.

    ✅ Large Capacity: With a 65-L extra-large capacityPurrfect Paws™ can accommodate all kinds of cats up to 2.25 lbs. This means lesser frequency of cleaning, providing more time for enjoyment with the cherished feline friend.

    ✅ App Control: Purrfect Paws™ features real-time health monitoring through an app control. This feature allows for staying in tune with the cat's health, ensuring peace of mind.

    Sensitive Sensors: Equipped with an infrared sensor and gravity sensor, Purrfect Paws™ stops running when the pet approaches. Pet safety was top of mind for this feature, for added reassurance.

    ✅ Easy Maintenance: Purrfect Paws™ is easy to install, disassemble and clean. This feature makes maintaining the litter box a breeze, contributing to a hassle-free pet ownership experience.



    1. Unbox Purrfect Paws™ and place it in a suitable location in your home. This is the first step towards a cleaner and fresher environment.

    2. Download and install the Purrfect Paws™ app on your smartphone. This will allow you to monitor your cat's health in real time.

    3. Follow the instructions in the app to connect Purrfect Paws™ to ensure that you have full control over the automatic litter box.

    4. Add cat litter to Purrfect Paws™ up to the indicated line.

    5. Allow your cat to get familiar with Purrfect Paws™ to ensure that he feels comfortable using his new litter box.

    6. Regularly check the app for updates on your cat's health and the status of Purrfect Paws™. The app will notify you when it's time to clean the box.

    With Purrfect Paws™, enjoy a hassle-free, fresh, and clean environment.



    We understand the struggle of maintaining an odor-free environment for cherished feline friends. It can be irritating to constantly clean litter boxes, detracting from the joy of having pets. A study shows that 86% of cat owners find litter box maintenance to be the most challenging part of owning a cat.

    Purrfect Paws™ is the ideal solution for this common struggle. This automatic litter box self-cleans and controls odor, ensuring a fresh environment for the pet. Enjoy the peace of mind and the joy of pet ownership, enhanced by the convenience and cleanliness provided by Purrfect Paws™.



    Size: 48 x 51.6 x 50.5
    Weight: 15lbs
    Litter Capacity: 9L (which can hold feces up to 15 days)
    Inner Space: 65L
    Noise: Lower than 35db
    Supports 2.4G Wifi



    1pc Self-cleaning litter box
    1pc Adapter
    1 roll Garbage bag
    1 Quick Guide
    1 User Manual


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