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    ViewClip™ - Camera Sunglasses

    "These camera sunglasses are fantastic! They effortlessly combine style and function. The video quality is impressive, and they're so discreet."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rene O. Ramirez Vega
    Verified Buyer

    Capturing life's moments outdoors while on the move is a cherished pastime, a way to freeze time and relive experiences. Yet, the struggle to operate complex devices while staying in the moment often leads to missed opportunities. This struggle can leave a deep feeling of frustration, missing out on capturing adventures and experiences.

    Introducing, ViewClip™, a game-changer in capturing life's moments outdoors. This stylish accessory, equipped with a polarized lens and a hidden camera, effortlessly records high-definition videos during any outdoor activity. Enjoy the freedom of hands-free recording and the thrill of reliving adventures with crystal clear precision.


    High-Definition Capture: ViewClip™ boasts a 1080p camera, ensuring every moment is captured in stunning detail. Relive adventures with the clarity they deserve, making every memory we build more vivid.

    Wearable Convenience: Designed as a pair of Sunglasses, ViewClip™ integrates seamlessly into any outfit. The convenience of wearable tech means never missing moments in motion, capturing life as it happens.

    Polarized Lens: ViewClip™ is equipped with a UV400 polarized lens, providing the best protection for the eyes. Outdoor activities become safer and more enjoyable, with the added benefit of high-quality video capture.

    ✅ Long Battery Life: With a high-capacity lithium polymer battery, ViewClip™ offers about 2 hours of recording time. Enjoy long adventures without worrying about battery life, capturing every moment along the way.

    Memory Slot: With a TF card slot, ViewClip™ ensures ample storage for all those precious moments. There is enough space to store photos taken enabling focus on the experience.


    1. Ensure that ViewClip™ is fully charged by connecting it to a power source using the provided micro USB cable.

    2. Next, insert the memory card into the memory card of ViewClip™. This will provide ample storage for all the captured moments.

    3. Press the power button to turn on ViewClip™. You'll know it's on when the indicator light comes on.

    4. To start recording, simply press the operation button. ViewClip™ will now start capturing high-definition videos of your adventures.

    5. To stop recording, press the operation button again. The video will be saved automatically to the TF card.

    6. Connect ViewClip™ to a PC or laptop using the micro USB cable to review the footage. Enjoy reliving your adventures in high-definition!

    We understand the desire to capture life's moments during outdoor activities, yet the struggle of handling complex devices often leads to missed opportunities. It can be frustrating trying to operate a camera while staying in the moment. In fact, a recent study showed 73% of people miss out on capturing important moments due to the complexity of their recording devices.

    ViewClip™ is the perfect companion for those who value every moment outdoors. This innovative product effortlessly records high-definition videos without fumbling on different devices, ensuring no moment is missed. Enjoy the freedom of capturing life's adventures with ViewClip™, making every memory more vivid and real as moments are recorded while the scenery is enjoyed hands-free.


    Video Format: AVI
    Video Resolution: 1920*1080p
    Frame Rate: 30fps
    Image Format: JPG
    Image Pixel: 500MP
    Image Ratio: 4:3
    Battery: High Capacity Lithium Polymer
    Battery Capacity: 400mAh
    Charging Voltage: 5V / 1A
    Charging Time: Approximately 2 Hours
    Battery Life: Approximately 2 Hours
    Charging Port: Micro USB
    Storage: TF Card, max 128 GB (not included)
    Glasses Size: 172 x 157 x 43 mm


    1pc Eyeglasses Camera
    1pc User Manual
    1pc Micro USB Cable
    1pc Cleaning Cloth
    1pc Storage Case

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