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    Brain Zap™ - Electronic Handheld Push Pop Game


    "A simple and fun toy for kids and adults. It is a way better game than a tab or mobile because it doesn't hurt the eyes playing for a long time and has no dangerous content. It is best for eye hand coordination. Definitely will keep kids busy during the road trips."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -Shikha
    Verified Buyer

    In the fast-paced world of kids today, mental agility and focus are as important as physical fitness. However, maintaining a sharp mind and high concentration levels for kids amidst the different distractions can be a real challenge. This lack of resources to develop mental acuity for the little ones often leads to feelings of frustration and inadequacy..

    Introducing Brain Zap™, a revolutionary electronic game console designed to enhance mental agility and focus of little gamers. With four engaging modes, it serves as a fun and interactive tool to exercise reaction ability and improve concentration. Enjoy having kids with a more alert mind, ready to tackle daily challenges with ease and confidence.


    MENTAL AGILITY BOOST: Brain Zap™ offers a variety of quick push games. These games are designed to stimulate the mind and enhance mental agility.

    FOCUS ENHANCEMENT: Brain Zap™ features four different game modes. Each mode presents a unique challenge that requires concentration, thereby improving focus over time.

    DURABLE DESIGN: Made from high-quality plastic, Brain Zap™ is designed to withstand regular use. Its durability ensures that it remains a reliable tool for mental exercise for a long time.

    LIGHT UP FEATUREBrain Zap's™ console lights up during gameplay. This feature adds an element of fun and excitement, making each gaming session enjoyable.

    PORTABLE ENTERTAINMENT: Brain Zap™ is a handheld device made from lightweight but durable materials, making it easy to carry around. This portability ensures that mental exercise is possible anytime, anywhere.


    1. Remove Brain Zap™ from its packaging.

    2. Ensure that Brain Zap™ is loaded with the appropriate batteries.

    3. Locate the power button and turn on Brain Zap™.

    4. Choose from one of the four game modes available on Brain Zap™.

    5. Begin the game by pressing the start button on Brain Zap™. Have fun engaging in the game, enhancing mental agility and focus with Brain Zap™.

    We understand the struggle of making kids stay focused and mentally sharp in a world full of distractions. It can be incredibly frustrating when they easily lose concentration during important tasks, leading to decreased productivity and irritability. Studies show that a lack of focus and mental agility can lead to a 20% decrease in efficiency.

    Brain Zap™ is the perfect tool when seeking to enhance mental agility and focus. It offers a fun and interactive way to exercise the mind, improving concentration and reaction times. Enjoy a life where little kids tasks are tackled with ease and confidence, thanks to the sharper, more focused mind that Brain Zap™ helps cultivate.

    Product Specifications:

    Material: High-quality ABS plastic
    Free gift: 2.5mm cross screwdriver
    Battery: 3 AAA batteries (Not included)
    Packaging: Original box
    Games included: 70
    Screen Resolution: 240x160
    Display Size: 4.0"

    Package Inclusions:

    1 x Game Console
    1 x Instruction Manual

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