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    Bubble Slide™ - Water Slide Bath Toy

    "My 4 y/o absolutely loves this. He gets creative and makes different twists and turns with them. He loves bath time and this made it so much more fun!"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Shikha
     Verified Buyer

    Bath time is a cherished ritual, a moment of fun and relaxation that also serves as an opportunity for learning and development. However, the struggle to keep children engaged and entertained during this time can often turn it into a stressful ordeal, hampering a chance to nurture the little one's mind. This causes a deep sense of frustration, especially when little ones are beginning to dread this daily hygiene ritual.

    Introducing Bubble Slide™, a playful and educational bath toy that transforms bath time into a fun and engaging experience. This 40-piece set includes assembly tracks, suction cups, and mini duck toys that stimulate creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills. Enjoy the sight of children designing various shapes of track slides according to their imagination, enhancing their hands-on skills while making bath time more enjoyable.




     CUSTOMIZABLE TRACKS: Bubble Slide features smooth plastic tracks for building unique water slide shapes. This creates an exciting new adventure in the tub.

    ✅ SUCTION CUP STABILITY: The suction cups on Bubble Slide™ pieces cling tightly to smooth surfaces. Give kids a thrill as water rushes down without the toy slipping.

    ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: Bubble Slide™ is made of high-quality and non-toxic plastic. The smooth edges and absence of any sharp parts make it suitable for kids to play with, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playtime.

     EASY SETUP AND STOW: Designed for convenience, Bubble Slide™ assembles and packs away in seconds. Swift transitions into and out of bath time give a smooth experience during this daily ritual.

    ✅ EDUCATIONAL TOY: The assembly tracks and mini duck toys of Bubble Slide™ make bath time a learning opportunity. It stimulates creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills, enhancing hands-on skills while making bath time more enjoyable.



    1. Start by unpacking the Bubble Slide™ set.

    2. Begin assembling the Bubble Slide™ by connecting the tracks. The tracks are designed to be easily connected, allowing for various shapes according to the child's imagination.

    3. Once the track is assembled, attach it to a smooth surface using the included suction cups. Bubble Slide™ can be attached not only in the bathtub but also to glass windows, glass doors, and even refrigerators.

    4. Place the mini duck toys at the top of the track. The ducks are designed to slide down the track when water is poured on them.

    5. Pour water along the track and watch as the mini ducks slide down into the bathtub. Bubble Slide™ turns bath time into a fun and engaging experience that children will look forward to every day!

    We understand the struggle of keeping children engaged during bath time. It can be very frustrating to turn this routine task into a fun and educational experience, where you often find yourself resorting to various tactics to make bath time appealing. A study revealed that 80% of parents use bath time as an opportunity to teach self-care skills to their children.

    Bubble Slide™ is the perfect solution to this challenge. It transforms bath time into a fun and educational experience, stimulating creativity and fine motor skills. Enjoy the sight of children designing various shapes of track slides according to little ones' imagination, enhancing hands-on skills while making bath time more enjoyable.



    Material: Plastic
    Theme: Animal
    Item Dimensions: LxWxH 9.4 x 7.8 x 3.3 inches
    Operation Mode: Manual
    Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 7.8 x 3.3 inches
    Item Weight: 1.19 pounds



    20 x Assembly Tracks
    11 x Suction Cups
    9 x Mini Duck Toys


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