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    Bug House™ - Insect Viewer Kit

    "My kids LOVE this little bug catcher set. It has everything needed, scoop, tweezers, plastic stick, and magnifying glass. The critter case has an additional built I magnifying glass and comes with a shoulder strap. Everything included is durable and easy to use. It's a great value for the price and quality. My kids take this with them everytime they play outside and are having so much fun exploring nature."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Chelsea
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    In the enchanting world of outdoor exploration, young adventurers find themselves captivated by the mysteries of nature. But often, this thrilling journey takes an unexpected turn when those tiny wonders of insects become elusive as they scamper away, leaving curious minds yearning for a closer look. This yearning can leave budding naturalists feeling a sense of curiosity unfulfilled, like a story half-told.

    Bug House™ is remarkable outdoor companion that allows the curious little ones to these tiny creatures in action. Equipped with a built-in magnifier, it effortlessly captures and magnifies insects, making discovery a breeze and turning a child's nature exploration into an exciting adventure. This transformative experience not only deepens a child's understanding of nature but also sparks curiosity and wonder, cultivating a new generation of environmental enthusiasts.


    Enhanced Exploration: Bug House™ features a built-in magnifier that brings insects up close, making nature exploration more engaging and educational. It empowers kids to discover the captivating world of insects like never before, fostering a deep love for nature from an early age.

    Durable Design: Bug House™ is built to withstand outdoor adventures, ensuring it lasts through countless insect-catching missions. It's robust design ensures children can explore and discover nature without worry, promoting confidence and independence.

    Curiosity Unleashed: With Bug House™, children can observe and learn about insects with ease, igniting their curiosity and encouraging active outdoor play. Bug House™ transforms their outdoor adventures into exciting learning experiences, enhancing their cognitive and observational skills.

    Easy to Use: Bug House's™ user-friendly design allows children to capture and release insects effortlessly, promoting hands-on learning and compassion for living creatures. It makes nature exploration accessible and enjoyable, providing hours of entertainment and educational value.


    Memorable Bonding: Bug House™ encourages quality family time outdoors, creating lasting memories and strengthening the parent-child relationship. Bug House™ fosters shared experiences and laughter, making every insect-hunting adventure a cherished moment.


    1. Use the strap provided so that kids can conveniently carry Bug House™ while looking for insects
    2. Tweezers are provided to pick up insects to put inside Bug House™
    3. A temporary glass holder is provided so kids can look closer at insects before keeping them inside the bug house
    4, Enjoy an educational insect-hunting adventure with Bug House™

    We understand the frustration of parents watching their kids' enthusiasm for outdoor exploration dampen as they struggle to capture those elusive insects. It can be very frustrating to see your child's eyes brimming with curiosity, chasing a butterfly, only to see it slip away. According to recent surveys, over 70% of parents feel their children could benefit immensely from direct interaction with nature.

    Bug House™ is the perfect companion for kids seeking to enhance outdoor adventures. Designed for effortless insect observation, Bug House™ ensures that the young explorer never misses a moment of awe-inspiring nature. With Bug House™, you'll witness your child's confidence and knowledge blossom as they connect with the natural world.

    Package Inclusions:

    1 Tweezers
    1 Insect Model
    1 Transfer Kit
    1 Shoulder Strap
    1 Exploration Critter Case

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