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    Camping Comfort™ - Inflatable Mattress with Pillows

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    "This is a decent mattress that will come in handy for us for camping and sleepovers. It inflates easily and has a stop valve that prevents air from escaping as you inflate the item. I used a hand pump and it only took a minute to inflate it fully. It is adequate for my needs and a much better alternative than the hard ground. The slightly elevated pillow is a nice feature that does increase the level of comfort. I love that it rolls up nicely and fits into it’s convenient storage bag that makes it easy to travel with."

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    Camping and other outdoor adventures have always been great stress-relievers, with the serene wilderness being a good place to seek solace. However, sleeping outdoors is marred by an uneven terrain causing a nagging discomfort, leaving backs sore and sleep disrupted. This exhausting ordeal quickly transforms the much-anticipated adventure into frustration and regret.

    Camping Comfort™ is carefully crafted to be ultimate outdoor sleep solution. This innovative sleeping pad has an ergonomic design to make it conform to body curves whatever the terrain may be. With Camping Comfort™, rejuvenating slumber is achieved, making camping adventures truly unforgettable.


    ✅ Innovative Inflator Pump: Camping Comfort's™ integrated inflator pump ensures effortless setup. It eliminates time-consuming and tiring pump routines which results to more time to appreciate nature's embrace.

    ✅ Superior Sleep Quality: With Camping Comfort's™ ergonomic design features, rejuvenating slumber is experienced even on uneven terrain. Wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the day's adventures, enhancing the overall outdoor experience.

    ✅ Quick and Convenient: The rapid inflation featureof Camping Comfort™ is designed for on-the-go enthusiasts. Spend less time setting up and more time exploring, providing convenience that matches an active lifestyle.

    ✅ Durability Guaranteed: Camping Comfort™ is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor life with its waterproof coating. Its robust construction ensures longevity, so it can be relied upon for countless camping adventures, saving money in the long run.

    ✅ Ultimate Portability: With compact and lightweight design, Camping Comfort™ is easy to carry wherever the adventures may be. Enjoy the freedom of exploring new horizons without the burden of heavy and bulky sleeping gear.


    1. Open the valve of Camping Comfort's™ built-in pump and cover the valve inlet with your hands or feet

    2. Press with your hands or feet up and down until Camping Comfort™ is full

    3. If you feel that the air cushion is not full enough, you can open the first layer Camping Comfort's™ air valve and fill with air by blowing with your mouth or by using an inflatable tool until you are satisfied

    4. After use, open the Camping Comfort's™ exhaust port to deflate rapidly

    5. Fold Camping Comfort™ in half, roll it up from the pillow and put it in the storage bag to make it ready for the next adventure

    We understand the frustration faced when seeking a good night's sleep under the starry sky. It can be very uncomfortable and tiring when you embark on an exciting camping trip surrounded by the beauty of nature but as you lay down the uneven and rocky ground, you feel the discomfort, making you toss and turn throughout the night. Research shows that sleep quality is a top concern for 70% of adventurers like yourself, impacting the overall enjoyment of your outdoor escapades.

    Camping Comfort™ is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, addressing the very challenge that has been a hurdle to a good night's sleep outdoors. With its rapid inflation and superior comfort, it ensures refreshed mornings and readiness for the day's adventures, allowing an embrace with the wilderness to renew vigor. Enjoy restful nights and say hello to the joy of truly immersive and rejuvenating camping experiences.


    Product Specifications:

    Unfold Size:190 x58 x 5cm
    Packing Size:28x10x10cm
    Material: Nylon + TPU Fabric
    Mattress Features: Waterproof, Folding, Built-in Inflator Pump
    Weight: 550g

    Package Inclusions:

    1 x Inflatable Mattress
    1 x Carrying Bag
    1 x Instruction Manual

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