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    Dog Dart™ - Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs

    "These 2-inch Tennis Ball Throwing Refills have been a game-changer for my energetic small dog. The mini size is perfect for indoor and outdoor play, and they fit seamlessly into my automatic ball launcher. The quality is top-notch, and the interactive sessions with my furry friend have never been more enjoyable. With 12 balls in the pack, it's a fantastic value that keeps my pup entertained for hours. Highly recommended for small dog owners!"

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    Playing fetch is a timeless joy for dogs, a game that brings excitement and strengthens the bond with human companions. However, dogs often miss out on this vital activity when the daily grind gets in the way on the life of playmates, especially coming from a hard day's work. This can lead to less playtime for the dog, resulting in a lack of the exercise needed for canine health.

    Introducing Dog Dart™, the game-changer in canine amusement and fitness. This automatic ball launcher offers adjustable distance settings, providing both indoor and outdoor entertainment, and ensuring the right level of physical activity for every pet. Enjoy the sight of a happier, healthier pet, full of energy and vitality, thanks to the interactive playtime Dog Dart provides.


    Adjustable Distance: Dog Dart™ offers three distance settings, accommodating the energy levels of any small dog. This feature ensures the right level of physical activity for every pet, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

    Automatic Launch: The automatic launching mechanism of Dog Dart™ keeps the game going for fun-loving pets. Continuous play becomes convenient which keeps pets more engaged and entertained.

    Compact Design: The compact design of Dog Dart™ makes it easy to place in an free corner. This feature ensures that the product doesn't take up unnecessary space, fitting perfectly into any home environment.

    Interactive Playtime: With the automatic features, Dog Dart™ turns playtime into an interactive experience. This strengthens the bond between pets and their human companions, creating memorable moments full of joy.


    1.  Press the power switch on Dog Dart™ to turn it on and wait for three seconds until the power indicator lights up.

    2. After starting it up, press the power switch on Dog Dart™ to select the desired throw distance. You can choose from 10ft., 20ft., or 30 ft.

    3. Place a 5-cm tennis ball at the bottom of the host tennis ball crossing on Dog Dart™. The machine has an infrared sensor and will scan every 10 seconds.

    4. Once the ball is detected by the sensor, Dog Dart™ will launch the ball every 10 seconds. Make sure the area is clear for the ball to be launched safely.

    Now, watch as your pet enjoys chasing and fetching the ball. With Dog Dart™, playtime becomes an exciting and interactive experience, keeping your pet healthy and dynamic.

    We understand how important it is for pets to stay active and entertained, a need that is challenging to meet when pet owners come from a long day's work. It can be disheartening to see a beloved pet waiting for a game of fetch, only to be disappointed when his playmate can not keep up. Research indicates that dogs that get less than an hour of exercise a day are 50% more likely to be overweight, emphasizing the importance of regular physical activity.

    Dog Dart™ is the perfect companion when seeking a solution to keep playful pets active and entertained. This automatic ball launcher not only provides endless fun for pets but also ensures that man's best friend gets the necessary exercise for optimum health and well-being even when coming from a long day's work. Enjoy the sight of a happier and healthier pet, full of energy and vitality, thanks to the interactive playtime Dog Dart™ provides.


    Material: ABS plastic
    Launcher size: 10.1 x 10.8 x 8.4in
    Ball size: 5cm
    Battery: Lithium Ion


    1pc Ball Launcher
    3pcs Tennis Balls
    1pc USB Cable
    1pc Instruction Manual

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