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    Pooch Plate™ - Elevated Dog Bowl


    "I absolutely love that his dog bowls extend. It is the perfect height for him and i love that it comes with two silver bowls and a grey slow feeder bowl. Definitely use one of the silver bowls and his slow feeder. It's perfect because he is a fast eater and it slows him down. I love that when he is fully grown I can adjust it to it. It's also very sturdy. 10/10 recommend!"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rochelle Priest
    Verified Buyer

    Feeding time is a crucial part of a fur friend’s day, a moment of joy and anticipation. But the struggle to reach down to floor level can cause strain on their neck, back, and joints over time. This discomfort can leave a feeling of frustration when seeing tail-wagging buddies less enthusiastic about meal times.

    Introducing Pooch Plate™, an elevated feeding solution designed to bring comfort to meal times. With its adjustable height and sturdy design, it allows paw pals to eat at a level that’s natural and comfortable for them. Enjoy the sight of a happier, healthier pet with healthier joints relishing their meals with ease.


    Pooch Plate™ is designed with an adjustableheight feature. This allows for customization to suit the specific needs of each pet, ensuring a comfortable and natural eating posture.

    ✅ STURDY DESIGN: The robust construction of Pooch Plate™ ensures stability during meal times. This prevents the bowl from moving around, allowing fur babies to eat their meals without any disruptions.

    ✅ EASY TO CLEAN: With the detachable bowls of Pooch Plate™, cleanliness is a breeze.  These can be easily removed for cleaning, ensuring that barking buddies always have a clean and hygienic eating environment.

    ✅ PORTABLE CONVENIENCE: Being foldable and lightweight at only 1kg, the compact design of Pooch Plate™ makes it easy to carry around. Whether it’s a trip to the park or a vacation, canine companions can enjoy their meals comfortably anywhere.

    ✅ ANTI-SLIP FEATURE: Pooch Plate™ comes with rubber anti-skid pads at the ends of the legs. This feature keeps the feeding station stable during meal times and protects floors from scratches.


    1. Start by assembling Pooch Plate™ according to the instructions provided in the package. Make sure all parts are securely fitted together.

    2. Adjust the height of Pooch Plate™ to match the level of pup's mouth.

    3. Fill the bowls of Pooch Plate™ with pet's favorite food and water.

    4. Place Pooch Plate™ in a convenient location where pets usually have their meals. The anti-slip feature will keep it stable during meal times.

    5. Now, watch as fur friends enjoy meal times with Pooch Plate™. The comfort and convenience provided by Pooch Plate™ will make meal times a happy and enjoyable experience for the entire brood.

    We understand the struggle of seeing our beloved pets strain their necks and backs just to reach their food and water bowls. It can be heartbreaking to watch them awkwardly bend down, especially for older dogs with joint issues. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over 20% of dogs aged seven years and older suffer from arthritis which can make feeding times uncomfortable.

    Pooch Plate™ is the perfect solution to make meal times comfortable and enjoyable for furry friends. This elevated feeding station not only eases the strain on their neck and joints, but also adds a touch of convenience to their daily routine. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing beloved pets relish their meals with ease, comfort, and sheer happiness, as a fulfillment of a promise by Pooch Plate™!


    Material: Stainless Steel Cup, Plastic Stand
    Special Feature: Nonslip, Adjustable
    The raised dog bowl can adjust to 2.5'', 7.8'', and 11.8'' for large, medium, and small dogs & cats.
    Anti-slip Design*: The dog food stands for large dogs have rubber anti-skid pads at the ends of the legs making them stable
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: 43 x 25cm


    1 x Pooch Plate™ Stand
    2 x Stainless Steel Bowls

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