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    Spin Pounce™ - Interactive Ball& Feather Toy for Cats

    "My cat loves this toy. Every time she hears a little sound from it she pops up and runs to the room it's in. I put a cat tunnel just in front of it as she loves to hunt her toys. She is thrilled and it helped keep her occupied during my 3 day trip."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Chelsea Jackson
    Verified Buyer

    Engaging with a feline friend at playtime is a cherished moment. However, the struggle to keep the cat entertained and active is a real challenge, especially with toys that quickly lose their appeal. This can leave a feeling of anxiety and worry about the beloved cat's physical health and mental stimulation.

    Introducing Spin Pounce™, a revolution in feline entertainment. This interactive toy combines a spinning ball and popping feathers, providing endless fun and physical activity. Enjoy the sight of a healthier, happier and more active feline friend with Spin Pounce™.


    Interactive Design: Spin Pounce™ combines a spinning ball and popping feathers, creating an irresistible playtime experience. This design keeps feline friends engaged, promoting active play and mental stimulation.

    Multiple Modes: With various modes, Spin Pounce™ caters to the unique play preferences of every feline. These modes ensure that the toy remains interesting and engaging, enhancing the playtime experience.

    Sound Feature: Spin Pounce™ is equipped with a sound design that beeps to attract attention. This feature keeps the cat intrigued, adding an extra layer of interaction to playtime.

    Rich Attachments: Multiple attachments come in Spin Pounce™, including different types of feathers. These attachments add variety to the play, keeping the toy fresh and exciting.

    Auto ON/OFF Feature: Spin Pounce™ has an automatic on/off feature, providing hands off ways to keep cats entertained. This feature ensures that the toy is always ready for play, even when the owner is busy.


    1. Place Spin Pounce™ on a flat surface in a spacious area. This ensures that your cat has enough room to play around the toy.

    2. Select the desired mode on Spin Pounce™. the different modes cater to the unique play preferences of each feline.

    3. Attach the feathers to Spin Pounce™. These feathers add variety to the play, keeping the toy fresh and exciting.

    4. Put the balls in their tray. These balls offer more ways to play with Spin Pounce™, enhancing the overall experience.

    5. Switch ON Spin Pounce™. the toy will start to beep and attract your cat's attention.

    Sit back and enjoy watching your cat have fun with Spin Pounce™. It's a joy to see feline fiends engaged, active and happy.

    We understand the struggle of keeping a feline friend entertained and active, especially with toys that quickly lose their appeal. It can be disheartening to see a beloved pet lose interest in playtime, leading to a sedentary lifestyle. Studies show 61% of cats are classified as overweight and without enough physical activity, risks of health issues in cats are increased.

    Spin Pounce™ is the perfect solution to this problem, designed with the needs of both the pet and the owner in mind. This interactive toy keeps cats engaged and active, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy the peace of mind, know that feline friends are getting the physical activity and mental stimulation they need with Spin Pounce™.


    Material: ABS
    Product Weight: 530g
    Rated Voltage: 5V
    Size: 198x198x96mm


    1 x 2-in-1 Cat Teaser Toy
    2 x Fun Balls
    3 x Feather

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