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    Stress Relief™ - Electric Multi-function Head Massager


    "Very nice small massager, I use it mostly on my head and arms. The massager heads are soft and won't tangle my hair as last one, small enough so I can take it with me on the road, work wonders especially on long flights. Overall, very happy with this purchase."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Tina T.
    Verified Buyer

    The world is filled with daily stresses and endless demands, and finding a moment of peace can seem like an elusive dream. This constant tension leads to massive discomfort and pain in different parts of the body especially in the head, shoulders and neck. Stress from the workplace and other challenges in life coupled with physical pain and discomfort eventually leads to overwhelm and burnout.

    Stress Relief™ is a handy massager to relieve stress quickly. This innovative device employs soothing vibrations and expertly crafted massage techniques to melt away tension, releasing the knots of stress. As the gentle caress of the Stress Relief™ is experienced, the weary worker is transported to a world where worries fade into the background. where each day is filled with renewed energy and optimism, ready to conquer challenges with a smile.


    Innovative Massage Techniques: Stress Relief™ employs cutting-edge massage techniques to stimulate blood flow and relieve stress-induced aches. This means more rejuvenating moments and less time spent battling tension.

    On-the-Go Relaxation: Our portable Stress Relief™ fits seamlessly into any busy lifestyle. Relaxation can be enjoyed anywhere, ensuring quick recharging of the mind and body even during the most hectic days.

    Restorative Sleep: With Stress Relief™, restful sleep is just a massage away. By easing the stress that causes restlessness at night, deeper and uninterrupted sleep is within reach, leading to more vibrant and energetic days.

    Holistic Well-Being: Stress Relief™ isn't just a device, it's also a path to holistic well-being. By alleviating stress and tension, it promotes emotional balance, helping achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.

    Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, Stress Relief™ is built to last. Its longevity ensures reliability on its stress-relief benefits for years to come, enhancing overall quality of life.


    1. Long press the Power button of Stress Relief™ to turn it on and off
    2. Put the massage head of Stress Relief™ on any part of the body to start massage
    3. When the power is low, Stress Relief™ will shut down automatically. Charge for 3-4 hours. It can be used up 10x with 10 minute sessions when fully charged
    4. Stress Relief™ will automatically shut down every 10 minutes

    We understand the relentless pressure that modern life places on your shoulders, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and drained. You're stuck in traffic after a long day at work, your mind racing with deadlines and responsibilities, then your body aches compound. Research shows that 75% of adults report experiencing significant stress on a daily basis, affecting their physical and emotional well-being.

    Stress Relief™ is the perfect companion for reclaiming peace of mind and restoring balance in life. Our innovative device seamlessly combines relaxation techniques to ease the weight of stress, providing a sanctuary of calm amidst the chaos. Embrace a life where serenity and well-being are constant companions, where full potential is unlocked within reach anytime.


    Usage Mode: Electric
    Material: ABS & TPR
    Material: plastic
    Color: white
    Size: 11x9x8cm
    Battery: 1500MAH

    Package Inclusions:

    1 x Electric Head Massager

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