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    VacuPack™ - Waterproof Vacuum-Compressed Backpack


    "Honestly, the quality is very good. I was not expecting that and you can put a lot of clothes in it so it’s extremely good. I’m very happy."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Shaun Weimann
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    Packing for a trip can make or break the entire travel experience. Trying to cram everything into a standard backpack often leads to frustration, wrinkled clothes, and the nagging worry of forgetting something important. This stress can dampen the excitement of upcoming adventures, leaving travelers feeling overwhelmed and unprepared before the journey even begins.

    VacuPack revolutionizes travel packing with its innovative vacuum compression technology. This expandable backpack uses a one-way valve system to remove excess air, maximizing space utilization  Enjoy stress-free travel preparation, wrinkle-free clothes, and the confidence of having everything needed for the journey, all neatly organized in one compact, theft-resistant backpack.




    VACUUM COMPRESSION: VacuPack features a unique one-way valve system for effortless air removal. This innovative technology allows for maximum space utilization, transforming a standard backpack into a compact powerhouse of organization.

    ANTI-THEFT DESIGN: A password-protected main compartment and hidden back pocket are integral to VacuPack's security features. These thoughtful additions ensure peace of mind during travels, keeping valuables safe from prying hands.

    EXPANDABLE CAPACITY:The VacuPack expands to an impressive 60-liter capacity when needed. This flexibility eliminates the need for multiple bags, providing the convenience of a 24-inch rolling suitcase in a sleek, portable design.

    WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from durable, water-resistant polyester, VacuPack stands up to unexpected weather conditions. This robust material ensures long-lasting protection for belongings, from electronics to clothing, in various environments.

    VERSATILE COMPARTMENTS: VacuPack incorporates multiple storage areas, including a dedicated laptop sleeve. This intelligent layout facilitates efficient packing and easy access to essentials, streamlining the entire travel experience.

    ERGONOMIC DESIGN: A breathable back panel and comfortable foam shoulder straps for extended wear is integrated in VacuPack. These ergonomic elements reduce fatigue during long trips, allowing for hands-free, pain-free exploration of new destinations.



    1. Open the VacuPack's main compartment and unzip the vacuum-lined compression bag inside.

    2. Place folded clothes and soft items into the VacuPack's compression bag, then seal the air-tight zipper.

    3. Locate the one-way exhaust valve on the VacuPack's compression bag and open it.

    4. Gently press down on the VacuPack's compression bag to expel air, or use an electric pump for faster results.

    5. Once the air is removed, close the VacuPack's one-way valve to maintain compression.

    6. Fill the remaining compartments of the VacuPack with other travel essentials, utilizing the various pockets for organization.

    7. Secure the VacuPack's main compartment with the anti-theft password lock for added protection.

    8. Put on the VacuPack and adjust the comfortable foam shoulder straps for a perfect fit. Embark on your journey with the confidence that VacuPack has maximized your packing efficiency, allowing for more focus on the exciting adventures ahead!



    We understand the frustration of trying to pack everything needed for a trip into a standard backpack. It can be dishearteningto arrive at a destination with wrinkled clothes, missing essentials, or the realization that there's no space for souvenirs. A recent survey revealed that 68% of travelers experience stress and anxiety related to packing, with 42% admitting to overpacking due to poor organization and space constraints.

    VacuPack is the ultimate solution for travelers seeking stress-free packing and organization. This innovative backpack uses vacuum compression technology to maximize space, allowing for up to 60 liters of capacity in a compact, theft-resistant design. Enjoy the freedom to pack everything needed for any adventure, arrive with crisp, wrinkle-free clothes, and focus on creating unforgettable memories rather than worrying about luggage limitations.




    • Material: Waterproof Oxford cloth

    • Dimensions: 
      - Standard size: 49 x 32 x 15 cm
      - Expanded size: 49 x 32 x 20 cm

    • Capacity: 
      - Up to 60 liters when fully expanded (equivalent to a 24-inch luggage)
      - Can hold a 17.3-inch laptop

    • Features:
      - Vacuum compression system with one-way exhaust valve
      - Anti-theft password lock on main compartment
      - Hidden zipper pocket on the back
      - Separate laptop compartment
      - Wet and dry separation area
      - Breathable back panel
      - Comfortable foam shoulder straps

    • Functions:
      - Waterproof
      - Wear-resistant
      - Moisture-proof
      - Expandable

    • Compression method: 
      - Manual pressing or optional electric vacuum pump (sold separately)



    1 pc BackPack


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